29 Mar 2012

Discover Your Potential And Keep It Energize

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

When people see the potential in yourselves, there will be someone that appreciate and offer to help you in expanding your potential.

I'm just take a look at my friend pictures that get sponsor for himself to expand his potential in achieving his dream to be world-known runner since he love to run=running is his passion.congrate to him and wishing he achieve his dream

Everybody dreams is different and it is not limited to be a rich people. As for me, business is my passion and my dream is to be young entrepreneur that earn 4-5 figures per month and be a millionaire at the end of this year. I dont know why but im not doubt it even a single second. With Allah NOTHING is impossible - someone told this to me. Yes I can! Think BIG will influence BIG action. Rabbi Yassir Wala Tu'assir. 

I'll keep move forward even no one supporting me because I know there are someone that appreciate my business potential and Im glad to know this people recently. Thnx Allah 4 dis oppurtunity. May this ukhwah will bring to BIG benefit in this world and hereafter.aamiin~ Pray for me. Tq.

How To Discover Your Potential?

Check yourself. What you like to do? What activity that makes you not tired but give more energy when you spend more times for it. 

As me. Sometimes i luv design, sometimes i love photography. I share my design and photography at Ad Deen Foto. Alhamdulillah there are people that appreciate my potential. I get invitation as a photographer at a charity event recently and sometimes I offer myself in designing brochure or advertising for Persatuan Mahasiswa Islam MSU. Just for free service. NO charge at all.

So? Check yourselves. What you LIKE to do? What GIVES you more energy when you spend MORE time for it.

Happy seeking =) 

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