10 Mar 2012

A Great "Muslim Women Success" Project

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful
I just listened to "The Seven Secrets Of A Muslim Women's Success". It was very inspiring as for someone that just started her positive life as me. This seminar really open my mind about achieve your vision to your desire life. I see it as a very good opportunity especially for Muslim Women that want to have their desire life.

What the best of this project is, it is specialized for Muslim Women. Don't worry if you not sure whether you can understand her english speaking since for me, I can listen and understand what she is talking about since she just use the ordinary english oral not as hard as British english oral that for me much harder to understand. The word that she speaking is just a basic english word not as complex that you cannot understand. Just sharing what I think that is benefit for Muslim especially Muslim Women that want to be a Positive and Productive Muslim.

By the way, I recommend you to read Jootawan online magazine which related to business, financial freedom, the way to success plus be a millionaire. Lots of successful people writing in there specially the Millionaire among Malay people and muslim too. For February 2012 issue, you can read about my inspire the successful businessman, Imran Koyube, the president of which currently growing up to become an international Islamic social media. Hope that will help Muslim especially the male youth to make him as a great role model in this contemporary century. 

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