8 Mar 2012

My Positive Life Has Begin

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Alhamdulillah praise be to Allah for His blessings today. Until this time, I feel that I have begin my new positive life. Day after day, seems I attract more positive things to my life. Just want to share my happiness about my positive life now.

Attract People That Is Successful And Inspire Me
As you have read my article about Srikandi Inspirasiku, they are all my inspire. They are someone that give me the reason,

"Why you should be an inspire people that inspiring others? Why you should be a successful people? Why you should read books?"

They give me the motivation on doing things that I should do to change my life as I want. They are the reason that encourage me to be a successful people like them. Everyone of them have their own uniqueness that inspire me. I don't know if you are saying that im so obses with them or what because for me, sometimes I need someone that inspire me, that encourage me to improve my personality.

Alhamdulillah, recently Allah let me be closer to someone that for me, she is inspired too which is one of the most important people in Nisa' Malaysia by get approved to be their 'Friends' in mukabuku. She is kak Nur Shahidat. Previously, I just stalk her profile as subscribers but now alhamdulillah, I get the oppurtunity be her 'friends' in facebook just right after I comment one of her status and she reply the comment. She is also a  Coach of Creative Design in Nisa' Training Team

I feel proud because her profile already reach 5K friends and as you can see here, so Im sure you can imagine how I feel so happy to become one of the 5K friends

another one is kak Nur Mastura Mansor which she is Principal Trainer in Nisa' Training Team

Just feel happy to be surrounded by successful people that inspire me. Everyone of them have their own success story. They are leaders, graphic designer but the most important thing, they are professional in dakwah to spread Islam. So, I think it would be benefit for my Akhirat too.

Get Offers Taking Photos And Record Video
Other than that, I get the opportunity to improve my photography and videography skills too. I get the offers to record video for pre-wedding and take photos plus record videos for a charity event. That was unexpected. I never dream all this things but yet, it makes me so happy. Positive things comes to my life unstoppable.

InsyaAllah bulan Jun

April invitation
=) I just can't talk much on how I happy all of this things happen to my life now. And the main factor is ebook Rahsia Tarikan and just 1 week before, I buy RahsiaHipnosis audio. When I listen to it, I feel myself become so relax and so calm. Subhanallah. Thats all. Just my 2 cents sharing about MY POSITIVE LIFE.

#sorry for my grammar and etc. just want to improve my english speaking writing because I want to be Productive Muslim Writer. Think POSITIVE change your life to POSITIVE.

#my focus now is only my study, and business. just I hope my imam was one the successful businessman that could teach me to make my business better since business, design, photography is my passion. just would like to share something that I love with the one I love.

#counting days to meet my inspire cikgu Heliza Helmi and kak Nur Shahidat this 17th March.yeayy!!would like to give them something from me for our 1st time meeting + memory.

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