6 Mar 2012

Focus On Solutions NOT Problems

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

As you know, when we keep thinking of our problem, we will feel angry, give up, depress and we will only meet disappointment and produce bad quality result. Why not, we change our way of thought by focus on solution of the problem instead of the problem. That would be much better and it trains us to be systematic and be smart to solve our problem.

Previously as you know, I suffered insomnia for two days because of what? I look at the assignment and project of my campus life as a lot of tasks that I have to finish and it have to submit in the same week. So, my thought become messy and I feel depress because of the situation since I can’t handle the task that have been given at the same time and have to submit in the same week.

When I have recover from my insomnia, and the task already finished one by one, I realize,

“what I have to do, is just have to finish it one by one but not think of it to finish all in one”

Be systematic and you will feel relax and just work out how to solve your problem NOT think of your problem.

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